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Welcome to ISBE.NL

The Netherlands' arm of ISBE-Light (the Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe), 

ISBE@NL, has started its operation 1 September 2016, with its first activity: Make Me My Model

4M 4U:

Non modellers can request (assistance with) the making of a computational model of their  biological system

ISBE-light and ISBE@NL have a booth/exhibition at the ICSB2016 in Barcelona, where Dr Alexey Kolodkin will be eager to address your questions and to establish ideas about models to be made.

A future activity will be 'Do Me An Experiment' with possibilities to have enzyme kinetics and epigenetics experiments done quantitatively.

If interested, please e-mail: 

Alexey Kolodkin ( or Hans V. Westerhoff (

Tutoriars are currently available:

Contact ISBE@NL

to make you a model of an experimental biological or medical system you are researching.  In this way we can establish whether we have the modelling expertise to help you or can refer you to other ISBE nodes (i.s.n.).

Through CORBEL we will also try to integrate with other Infrastructures should this be of help to you.

4M4U: 'Make Me My Model' is there for you.

If we can, we shall make you your model such that you can run it, use it to make predictions of the schemes you have in mind and compare that with your experimental results.  Through our Manchester node we may also be able to analyze the experimental data in a model-assisted way.

ISBE.NL projects:

- LCSB, Luxembourg (Prof Rudi Balling): Modelling ROS management and oxidative stress in Parkinson’s Disease. Derailed and simplified models have been constructed:


- ULisboa, CORBEL WP4 UC2 VIP project cystic fibrosis, Lisboa (Prof Magarida Amaral): CFTR maturation model (building a dynamic model) Link is under the construction

- Sanquin, Amsterdam (Prof Marieke van Ham): Modelling of acute and chronic inflammationLink is under the construction

- The University of Sheffield (Dr. Fei He) – mitochondrial perfect adaptation model

Link is under the construction

- Ludwig-Maximillian’s University Munich (Dr. Frits Kamp) – charged peptide to charged membrane binding model

Link is under the construction

- Institute of Cytology and Genetics of RAS, Novosibirsk Russia (Dr. Sergei Lashin and Prof. Nikolay Kolchanov) – merged ODE and agent-based model for multilevel integration of signalling pathways

Link is under the construction

- MIB, Manchester University (Prof Philip Day & Dr Samrina Rehman) – Modelling lymphoblastoma

Link is under the construction

External consulting and modelling groups include:

David Harrison, University of St Andrews:

1. Systems Medicine

2. Systems Pathology

Igor Goryanin, University of Edinburgh:

1. Deep learning and neural nets modelling using systems, synthetic biology and imaging data. University of Edinburgh

2. Metagenomic data and pathway analysis. Okinawa Institute Science and Technology

3. Biodesign Research . Computational platform for industrial biotechnology
Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology

CORBEL open call has been closed...

Thanks to those who applied!

Who we are at ISBE.NL (Amsterdam)

 and ISBE.UK-MCISB (Manchester):

Systems Biologists eager to make models for you:

Alexey Kolodkin (executive director): Dynamic modelling of signalling and Parkinson's disease

Ablikim Abulikemu: Systems Immunology

Stefania Astrologo: Modelling noise, tumor cell heterogeneity and drug resistance

Matteo Barberis:  Cell cycling

Zahid Hassan: Systems ecology and bioremediation

Thierry Mondeel: Map making, Flux Balance Analysis, Microbial Energetics

Dr NN (vacancy): Modelling for personalized medicine

Samrina Rehman: Functional genomics' data analysis

Hans V. Westerhoff: Control and regulaiton analysis, thermodynamics, modelling


ISBE-scientists at the other ISBE nodes in Europe

ISBE.NL is largely based at SystemsBiologyAmsterdam.NL

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We like to answer your questions and to make systems biology models for you

 +31 20 - 5987230