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Welcome to ISBE.NL

The Netherlands' arm of ISBE-Light (the Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe), 

ISBE@NL, has started its operation 1 September 2016, with its first activity: Make Me My Model

4M 4U:

Non modellers can request (assistance with) the making of a computational model of their  biological system

A future activity will be 'Do Me An Experiment' with possibilities to have enzyme kinetics and epigenetics experiments done quantitatively.

If interested, please e-mail: 

Alexey Kolodkin ( or Hans V. Westerhoff (

Questions, Answers, Comments, Complaints and Suggestions

[Background picture shows William of Occam (1285- 1349), who was the first to liberate science from non-rational issues by formulating the law of parsimony –  an heuristic method consisting of shaving away” unnecessary assumptions or cutting apart two similar theories: “One should not postulate (pose) more things without necessity” (Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate, Latin). 

Nowadays the law of parsimony for systems biology will sound differently (“binocular principle”). Instead of shaving “pluralitas” away, one should be interested in discovering and distinguishing those “pluralitates” that are vital and in taking them into account. Then the law of parsimony will become also the law of completeness: “One should not remove things without necessity” (pluralitas non est eliminanda sine necessitate, Latin)]. The plurality includes more than 300 genes and the networking of their products.

CORBEL open call has been closed...

Thanks to those who applied!

Who we are at ISBE.NL (Amsterdam)

 and ISBE.UK-MCISB (Manchester):

Systems Biologists eager to make models for you:

Alexey Kolodkin (executive director): Dynamic modelling of signalling and Parkinson's disease

Ablikim Abulikemu: Systems Immunology

Stefania Astrologo: Modelling noise, tumor cell heterogeneity and drug resistance

Matteo Barberis:  Cell cycling

Zahid Hassan: Systems ecology and bioremediation

Thierry Mondeel: Map making, Flux Balance Analysis, Microbial Energetics

Samrina Rehman: Functional genomics' data analysis

 Yanfei Zhang (UvA): Extremophile energetics

Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak (UvA): Modelling for ISBE.NL and personalized medicine

Jacky Snoep: data stewardship, modelling, malaria, HIV

Hans V. Westerhoff: Control and regulation analysis, thermodynamics, modelling


ISBE-scientists at the other ISBE nodes in Europe

ISBE.NL is largely based at SystemsBiologyAmsterdam.NL

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We like to answer your questions and to make systems biology models for you

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